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AFTERMATH by Suzanne Moore (PG) - Another twist on what might happen after "All The Rage"

AFTER THE RAGE by Shirley (PG) - This NicFic follows the events of "All the Rage"

ALMOST by Janet Dillon (PG) - Nick is hit by a drunk driver.

ANOTHER CHANCE by Shirley (PG) - After "The Beginning"

AN AXE TO GRIND by Eileen Thomson (R) - A client with a grievance

ASSAULT BY A DUCHESS by Linda Wilson (PG) - Nick has a black eye

AWAKENING by Shirley (PG) - story timeline immediately follows the events of “All the Rage”, a Summer Daze Fic Challenge

BEYOND by Suzanne Moore 

BIRTHRIGHT by Shirley (PG) - Takes place before "Lawyers, Guns and Money"

BITTERSWEET by Shirley (NC-17) - No Summary given

BITTERSWEET MEMORY by Limonize (NC-17) - Nick cannot remember much

A BLOW FROM THE PAST by Janet Dillon (PG) - Nick must face up to an unpleasant possibility.  Alternate ending is A BLOW FROM THE PAST ALTERNATE ENDING

THE BLUES by Limonize (PG) - Nick's visit at his bank

BREAKAWAY by Michelle Lellouche (PG) - A speculation on what could happen in season 2

THE BREAKUP by Janet Dillon (PG) - Burton tells Nick about his mother's problems.

CAUSALITY CONTINUED by Janet Dillon (PG) - picks up where “Causality” left off

CAUSALITY CONTINUED REDUX by Janet Dillon (PG) - a different post-episode of "Causality"

CHANCE by Shirley (PG) - after the episode "The Sacrifice"; prequel to A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE

CHRISTMAS ANGEL by Shirley (PG) - A very short Christmas vignette

CLOSET CASE by Rosie (R) - Lulu tries to come to terms with the Nick-Kim relationship

COFFEE? by Janet Dillon (G) - Nick meets a girl.

COUNTEROFFER by Michelle Lellouche (PG) - A speculation on what could happen in "The Next Life"

CRASH by AllykatD (PG) - The Saturday morning after "Causality"

CRIME WATCH by Suzanne Moore (PG) - A late night at LSP lands Nick in a different kind trouble.

CRISIS by Janet Dillon (PG) - Burton is taken ill.

CROSSING THE LINE SERIES by Shirley (NC-17) - Follows the events of “Shelter” and “The Chinese Wall” and Lulu’s request that she and Nick not see each other any more than necessary


        CONFUSED (PG)

        DEATH (PG)

        REBOUND (R)

        THE PLAN (PG)

        PAYBACK (PG)

THE DARK SIDE by Linda Wilson (PG) - speculation on the Burton-Nick-Shannon thing

DEALER BEWARE by Janet Dillon (PG) - Nick's old dealer Colin comes calling at F&A

DEFINITION by Jevees (PG) - This story begins in the last scenes of "All the Rage"

DIE OR HOPE by Lambertoise (PG) - my alternative ending to All the Rage, right after Nick told Lulu he loves her

DISCOMFORT FOR NICK by Janet Dillon (PG) - What might happen if Burton became romantically interested in Laurie Solt.

DISCOVERY by Suzanne Moore (PG) - What happens after the violence in the parking garage?

A DOG, A HAT, A HOMECOMING by atotaltotalfan (PG) - A July Nicfic Challenge story, using the words bohemian, duchess, and leech

DRAGONFLIES by Cecilia (PG) - It's completely Nick&Lulu

DREAM? (PG) by Eileen Thomson- Just another flight of fantasy

AN EVENING DRINK by Limonize (PG) - Nick and Lulu share a drink. A December Holidaze challenge

A FALL FROM THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW by Romantique (PG) - Alvin's life takes a dive

FAMILY TREASURE by Janet Dillon (PG) - Burton gives Nick a family keepsake

FAREWELL, MY LOVELY by Janet Dillon (G) - No summary given

FLASHPOINT by Shirley (NC-17) - My idea of a possible scenario given certain events

FOLLOWING THE BLISS by Lambertoise (PG) - Sequel to IN YOUR CARE

FOLLOW-UP TO THE DARK by Janet Dillon (PG) - short follow-up to "The Dark"

FOLLOW-UP TO MY AIM IS TRUE by Janet Dillon (PG) - a meeting between Nick and the injured Colin (his former drug dealer)

FORSAKEN by Shirley (NC-17) - Sequel to A NEW BEGINNING?

FOR TONIGHT by Limonize (NC-17) - Nick and Lulu discuss their baby's future career

FRIENDS by Eileen Thomson (PG) - A July Nicfic Challenge story, using the words bohemian, duchess and leech

THE GUARDIAN OF MY HEART by PeaceJaw (PG) - Nick's thoughts on Lesley a year later

THE GYPSY by Romantique (PG) - Nick deals with a most unusual witness.

HALLOWEEN by Eileen Thomson (PG) - Halloween with twins

HAUNTED MEMORIES by Shirley (PG) - takes place prior to “Lawyers, Guns & Money” and the three subsequent episodes

THE HEALING by Rosie (R) - Nick takes care of Lulu after the accident

HENRY BROWN by Erica (PG) - A two-day nightmare as Nick's job at F&F hangs by a thread

HOSTAGE TO FORTUNE by Linda Wilson (PG) - Nick is taken hostage at LSP

ICE VEINS by Limonize ( NC-17) - Nick, the stalker. Sequel to WHIPPED, WHIPPED, WHIPPED

INDISCREET by Shirley (NC-17) - Naughty Nick at his best/worst

IN JEOPARDY by Shirley (PG) - Lulu and Burton realize how important Nick is in their lives

THE INTERSECTION (MISSING SCENES)  by Romantique (PG) - Missing scenes from the beginning of "Intersection"

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE  by Eileen Thomson (PG) - Nick in the dark

IN YOUR CARE by Lambertoise (PG) - The kids are one of the most important aspects of The Guardian. Prequel to FOLLOWING THE BLISS 

JUDGMENT by Shirley (NC-17) - Nick and his women

JUGGLING ACT by Janet Dillon (PG) - picks up where “The Beginning” left off

        Part 1, new Part 2, new Part 3 

JUGGLING ACT TAKE TWO by Janet Dillon (PG) - different take on the beginning of my story JUGGLING ACT

JUST DESSERTS by Suzanne Moore (PG) - Nicfic Challenge story, using the words bohemian, duchess, and leech

THE KISS by Rosiiii (NC-17) - "You Belong to Me" vignette

LAID SERIES by Limonize - Will Nick give in to temptation?

        LAID UP (R)

        LAID UP, LAID DOWN (R)

        LAID UP, CRIED OUT (R)

        LAID (NC-17)

LAST WORDS by Romantique (NC-17) - Nick's recommendation in a child's custody hearing could be his last

THE LETTER by Lambertoise (PG) - Nick writes to a California-bound Lulu

LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE by Shirley (PG) - Nick’s lifestyle pre-drug bust and the people he cared about

LITTLE SISTER by Limonize (R) - Shannon, Nick and Burton


        THE LONGEST NIGHT (PG) -  Nick's business trip to Telluride, Colorado goes horribly wrong.

        THE NEED TO KNOW  (R)


        DESERT HEAT (R)

LOVE ALWAYS, YOUR MOTHER by J. Bigelow (PG) - Nick meets a young woman who will impact his life forever.

THE LSP CHARITY BALL by Rosie (R) - You are cordially invited to the annual charity ball benefiting Legal Services of Pittsburgh

A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE by Shirley (NC-17) - sequel to CHANCE

MAYDAY! by Janet Dillon (PG) - Nick’s plane experiences serious mechanical difficulties

MERLOT AT MIDNIGHT by Romantique (R) - Full Circle Challenge

THE MISSING TEN SECONDS by Rosiiii (R) - At the Incline, Nick leaves Claire, and goes with Lulu. 

MISSING PROLOGUE: WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU by Linda Wilson (PG) - Last day of Mary Gressler

MISSING SCENE FROM HEART by Janet Dillon (PG) - Nick informs Burton of his intent to be Lesley's foster parent 

THE MORNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE by Linda Wilson (PG) - one possible scenario for the aftermath of "All the Rage"

MOTHER KNOWS BEST CYCLE by Rosie - Lulu is wondering if Nick is deliberately interfering in her case, because of personal reasons.



        FINALLY (NC-17)

        AFTER THE GLOW (NC-17)


        THE APOLOGY (NC-17)

MOTHER'S DAY by Romantique (PG) - Nick talks to his mother

THE MOUTHS OF BABES by Linda Wilson (PG) - Nick learns the truth about his mother

NEGLIGENCE by Shirley (PG) - second guessing the coming events of "Sacrifice"

A NEW BEGINNING? by Shirley (PG) - Events after "The Living".  Followed by FORSAKEN

NEXT OF KIN by LAAdolf (PG) - Nick fulfills his obligation to Lesley Walker

NICK AND ALVIN  by Janet Dillon (PG) - Alvin and a reluctant Nick go to dinner after Alvin becomes Nick’s sponsor.

NICK AND BURTON VIGNETTE by Janet Dillon (PG) - Burton and Nick share some truths over dinner.

NICK AT NITE by Shirley (PG) - After "The Beginning"

A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES by Michelle Lellouche (PG) - Holidaze with Nicholas Fanfic Challenge

NINE-ELEVEN by Bobbie S. (R) - what the Fallins were doing on the tragic day of September 11, 2001

NO GOOD DEED EPILOGUE by Linda Wilson (PG) - Epilogue to "No Good Deed"

NO NEXT OF KIN by Erica - Nick's under the weather

ONE CRUEL DAY by Romantique (PG) - Nick is stalked.

ONE LINE LEN  by Eileen Thomson (PG) - Another kooky client for Nick

PADDY'S ON THE ROCKS by Limonize (NC-17) - Nick finds a new hangout

PERSONAL EXPERIENCES by Toria55 (PG) - Burton warns Nick

PERSONAL QUESTION by Limonize (NC-17) - Nick reveals his situation

PROLOGUE by Linda Wilson (PG) - between "Amends" and "All Is Mended"

THE PROMISE by Romantique (PG) - Six months after "Understand Your Man"

PROVIDENCE by Shirley (NC_17) - immediately follows "Believe"

THE PUPPET SHOW by Limonize (R) - Nick plots revenge

REALITY by Janet Dillon (PG) - Nick meets a man from his mother’s past; follow-on to my previous story THE TRUTH

THE RIFT by Shirley (PG) - What if Mary Gressler really had the hots for young Mr. Fallin?

RITUALS OF DENIAL by LAAdolf (PG) - In the aftermath of the Incline brawl, Burton looks after his son.

RUNNING INTO DALLAS by Suzanne Moore (PG) - Holidaze with Nicholas Fanfic Challenge


        new DAMAGED GOODS by Romantique (NC-17) - Nick's new client

        THE EVIDENCE by Romantique (PG) - response to the 2002 "The Guardian Holidaze Fanfic Challenge"

        AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY by muggs (G) - Nick's surprising Christmas Eve visitor

        new IRREPLACEABLE by Romantique (G) - After Burton's eye surgery

        new LULU MOVES IN by Rosiiii (G) - Everyone helps Lulu move in

       REFINISHING JOB by Linda Wilson (PG) - a holidaze Nickfic

        PRIORITIES by Sarah Grauvogl (G) - Nick is torn between the professional and personal aspects of his life

        GREATER NEED by Sarah Grauvogl (PG) - Nick comes to a realization about Kim and Lulu

        CONVERSATION by Sarah Grauvogl (PG)

        DOUBTS by Sarah Grauvogl (PG) - Nick finally confronts Lulu

        new THE UNDERSIDE by Suzanne Moore (PG) - Nick cleans out Burton's attic.

SHUT DOWN by Limonize (PG) -  Aftermath of the cellphone-smashing incident

SINS OF THE FATHER AND THE SON by Romantique (NC_17) - Burton is confronted with his illicit past, a past which will change everything!

SO MUCH TO SAY by Limonize (NC-17) - Nick learns of Lulu's medical condition.

THE SPLIT by Shirley (NC-17) - Aftermath of "You Belong to Me"

STALK SERIES by atotaltotalfan

    THE STALKER by atotaltotalfan (PG) - Lulu's stalker

    STALKED! by atotaltotalfan (NC-17) - Lulu's stalker is finally revealed

SUPPORT by Jevees (G) - Nick and Burton get closer

THE THRILL OF THE FIGHT by PattRose (NC-17 SLASH) - Sentinel/Guardian crossover

TRANSITION by Janet Dillon (PG) - what we didn't see between "The Dead" and "The Next Life"

TREASURE by Suzanne Moore (PG) - A Holidaze Challenge fic, using the phrases ornate flask, full moon, and riot.

TURNABOUT IS FAIRPLAY by Rosie (PG) - Holidaze Challenge using the words, ornate flask, riot and full moon.

THE TRUTH by Janet Dillon (PG) - Nick asks his father for the truth about his mother; Followed by REALITY

UNRAVELED by Shirley (PG) - Sequel to A WORK IN PROGRESS

UNREQUITED by Romantique (PG) - Friends suffer the same fate.

WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU PROLOGUE by Linda Wilson (PG) - Mary Gressler's death

WHIPPED by Rosiiii (PG) - We know who's whipped

WHIPPED, WHIPPED, WHIPPED  by Limonize (PG) - Barbara's costume party. Followed by ICE VEINS

WHITER THAN WHITE by Limonize (PG) - What if Lulu and Nick are friends after James' funeral?

A WORK IN PROGRESS by Shirley (NC-17) - Nick’s life following the events of “Back in the Ring”. Followed by  UNRAVELED

WOUNDED JACKAL by Romantique (PG) - Let's see how sensitive a jackal can be when wounded