A Playing Room

Partying Nick






BUSTED! by Janet Dillon (PG) - Nick's arrest for cocaine possession

THE DEAL by Janet Dillon (PG) - Burton makes a deal to keep Nick out of jail.

DISHONOR by Shirley (PG) - Sequel of GOING HOME

DUPLICITY by Rebecca (PG) - The week before Nick's arrest

new FOR THE FIRST TIME by Christine Noels (NC-17) - Nick's first time

GOING HOME by Shirley (NC-17) - Nick’s move back home to Pittsburgh to work for Fallin & Associates. Followed by DISHONOR

A LITTLE PROBLEM by Janet Dillon (PG)  - Nick in 1996 when he took too much cocaine

THE OFFER by Janet Dillon (PG) - Burton offers Nick a job at Fallin and Associates.  Followed by SECOND CHANCE

SECOND CHANCE by Janet Dillon (G) - Sequel to The Offer, Nick's initial return to Pittsburgh

SUNDAY NICK by Cecilia (G) - Nick in New York before Minette and Swann and Cranston